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Self Storage Tips 

Packing Items Best Practices

Learn to pack items efficiently and effectively with minimum damage to your belongings.

Packing different kinds of items can be tough, epscially when items are fragile and oddly shaped. People do not typically use storage units in same way they store items in their homes. That is why we are here to help with your long term storage needs.

Boxing Items & Techniques

  • Use no more than 2 sizes of boxes. This way, stacking the boxes will be easier and more organized 
  • When possible, use heavy duty storage totes for storing items. You will lessen the chance of dirt, dust and grime getting into your items

When using these large totes be sure to pack lighter items in them, that way it is easy on your back. There is no reason to make a box so heavy that it cannot be moved. If you pack large light items into big tote bins you will still be able to pick them up.

  • When storing dishes or fine china, put a thin layer of foam, paper or cloth between plates and bowls to prevent chipping during transport and storage.

Not only should their be some sort of material between individual plates, but the plates should also be stored vertically as well. This allows each plate to have an equal amonut of force weighing down on it preventing the bottom most plates from being damaged. It doesn't hurt to put a blanket or other thick soft material under them to prevent the sides from chipping.

  • Wrap towels around delicate items, you can also use towels to fill space in boxes to prevent items from shifting.
  • Avoid storing wet items as these may invite mildew, mold and other types of water damage
  • Rethink and repurpose things you're planning to store. Pack smaller items inside empty appliances in your storage unit - just be sure to leave the appliance door wedged open for circulation.
  • If you are storing large amounts of the same type of cloth, be sure to pack them with like colors to prevent the colors from bleeding.

Store like type cloth colors together to prevent bleeding

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