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College Student Storage Overview

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Whether you are attending Valley City State University, the University of Jamestown or a college out of the area, here are some college stundent storage tips to help you find the best storage for your needs.

The college years may be a time to expand your mind, but physical space can be a problem. There is only so much space in your dorm room.  Even if you live off campus in an apartment, space is limited  After you have used up all the space you have, it may be time to call a self storage company.  This is also a good solution if you are going to study aboard for a semester.

Depending on the time of year, it may be tricky to find a cheap, available self storage space right away, especially if you live in a small to medium-sized college town like Jamestown, ND.  It may even be nearly impossible if you try to search within the last month of the semester unless you are willing to travel a few extra miles from campus.  However, in today's world, lots of storage companies allow you to easily rent or book a unit online and move-in almost anytime.  if you are looking just to free up some space during the year and you do not want to ship your “valuables” home, then getting a small personal storage unit may be worth the cost.  There are just a few things you may want to ask a company before renting a unit:

  • How is the security?  (Cameras, personnel, fencing around property, etc.)
  • Is there a sign-up, administration or deposit fee?
  • Are the first and/or last months prorated?

  • What amount of time to you need to provide when moving out?
  • Do you need to provide your own lock?
  • Will you be able to access your storage unit 7 days a week, 24 hours a day?
  • What happens to your stuff if you forget to pay or your automatic credit card payment doesn’t go through?
  • Are there late payment fees?
  • What can you store there and what can't you store there?
  • Are there any student discounts?

  • Does the facility have moving carts and dollies?

Now that you have a self storage unit, what do you store?  Generally you can't storage anything flammable or perishable!  Some places offer outdoor storage, which works great for your car if you have to leave it over spring or summer break, you can just rent a parking space. Others offer special features like air conditioning or climate control storage that protect your goods from extreme temperatures and humidity. 

Here are a few tips to help make things easy to find in your self storage unit:

  • Label boxes on the top and side.
  • Place least likely to be used items in back.
  • Place breakables on top.

  • Include dryer sheets to keep the mice away.
  • Leave space between rows of boxes.

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